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As per norms, huge and spacious labs with state of art facilities are available in VNIPS.


(Conversion of drug into dosage form)

The department deals with:

  the study and strategic applications of physical chemistry in pharmaceutical sciences for efficient design of dosage forms.

  the development of formulations (Tablet, Capsules and Syrups etc) in small and large scale

  the study of effect of formulation and dosage form design on the biological system and their drug release profiles

The laboratory is equipped with all necessary instruments for the processing of different dosage forms. Separate chambers are provided for solid, liquid and semisolid dosage forms.

Some of the equipments/machinery/apparatus include:

  Ointment filling Machine

  Collapsible Tube Crimping Machine

  Tablet Punching Machine (Single Punch)

  Double Cone Blender (lab scale and pilot scale)

  Tablet Coating Machine

  Disintegration Test Apparatus

  Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus

  Friability Test Apparatus

  Hardness Tester (Monsanto and Pfizer Type)

  Capsule Filling Machine

  Bottle Washing Machine

  Bottle Filling Machine

  Bottle Sealing Machine

  Ampoule Washing Machine

  Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

  Clarity Tester

  Hot Air Oven

  Autoclave etc.


(Conversion of raw materials into drugs)

Pharmaceutical chemistry lab deals primarily with:

  the preparation of compounds of medicinal importance.

  standardization of analytical solutions and assays of compounds.

  the qualitative analysis of unknown organic compounds, complex binary mixture separations, testing of natural compounds and their extractions.

Good spacious labs with the following equipment are provided.

  Distillation unit

  Refluxation units

  Soxhlet apparatus

  Heating mantles

  Temperature controlled magnetic stirrer

  Hot air oven

  Separate fume cupboard chamber etc.


(Testing of drugs in Animals and Humans)

Treatment is possible only if the disease is known. The department of physiology and pharmacology deals with the study of basic anatomical characteristics of the body tissues, organs and systems and their functional capabilities. Majority of physiology lab experiments are associated with blood.

Pharmacology is the study of therapeutic activity of the drug (Pharmacodynamics) and influence of systems on journey of drug in the body (Pharmacokinetics). The activity of drugs are tested on various experimental animals such as frogs, rats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs etc

The above experimental procedures are met with establishment of spacious labs which are equipped with:


  Digital Rotorod,



  Digital Actophotometer (Activity Cage),

  Cook`s Pole Climbing Response Apparatus

  Spirometer etc.


(Making use of natural resources for medication)

"Identification and extraction of Therapeutic Constituents from crude drugs"

Pharmacognosy is concerned with the study of crude drugs of vegetable and animal origins. It also deals with biological, biochemical, therapeutic and economic features of natural drugs and their chemical constituents.

The lab is well furnished and equipped with

  Large Varieties of Crude Drugs,

  Soxhlet extractors,

  Electrical Microscopes and ordinary microscopes,

  Camera Lucida‚Äôs etc.


(Studies on micro-organisms)

Microbiology lab is one where microbial cultures are maintained. In pharmacy, production of sterile products is essential. Hence aseptic techniques and methods to detect presence of microorganisms and their isolation are taught. So, in a pharmaceutical industry presence of microbiology lab is a must. Biotechnology is essential for diagnostic as well as production purpose.

The lab is equipped with

  Two Laminar Air Flow Units,

  Incubator, BOD Incubator,

  Hot Air Oven,


  Colony Counter,


  Electrical Microscopes, etc.


(Hub of books, journals, magazines etc.)

Knowledge resources are must for academic growth of a student. The pleasant and calm library accommodating good number of students is an asset of our institution. The library is open throughout the day for reference and issue. It is well furnished and holds all the required textbooks and references to all the students. A good number of National and International Journals, Pharma Magazines are available, which provide information on latest research and updates in the field.

E- LIBRARY is also maintained for research benefits.


(Live presentation of plants with medicinal values)

A beautiful herbal garden is being maintained n the vicinity of campus.


Computer lab with good number of computers having high speed broadband internet connection is maintained in the campus.


(Physical strength supports Mental strength)

Physical Activity is a part of curriculum for an individual. The institute is available with all facilities for sports and games (both outdoor and indoor) and trained by an experienced physical director. The students of VNIPS participated and won prizes in various events at Inter college level & University level games and sports.

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